Apply Online or Offline Apply?

If you apply for a job using the internet or so-called applying for work online that’s the first you need to know the official job site or web that is official or safe like There you will find what job you want and there Then you will find the requirements in want by the company so without the need to ask again to the company, to apply by way of online then that must be prepared is the location where you are interested in working. If you have found a job vacancy suitable for you, usually fits on the vacancy page that you click on the job vacancy website there is apply directly send job application letter via email or in the call to apply work via email that has been put email company on the page , Then if there is a warning to apply directly via email then you sent application file via email and also via the website of these vacancies to be more quickly responded.

If you apply for a job directly alias offline applying it is more complicated than online, because in addition you need to go directly looking for paper that is pasted on the wall hoping that there is a job vacancy, and browse the city from east to west from west to south from south to north just to Looking for job vacancy to put job application letter even then if you know way in that city. To apply directly you need to complete and the file is ready and has at least 10 file application for true in another job vacancy.