What Causes Your Miss V Loose?

As we get older, Women will surely experience many changes or disruptions to their vital devices. Starting from the vagina loose and often experience a laceration. The process of ageing is one factor that causes decreased production of collagen in the female organs that make the muscles become less toned. What if this happens to you? Feel frightened and anxious of course because, in addition to making your intimate organs become less good, it can also create problems in your household. A loose vagina will not be able to provide the sexual pleasure coveted by most men. You can restore the tight of Miss V by using v tight gel.

Will the vagina sag because it is often sexual intercourse?
The vagina is a very elastic organ that will not sag though it is often sexual intercourse. After sexual intercourse, the vaginal muscle tissue naturally contracts. A sagging vagina is not a result of frequent or not having sex, but because of other factors.

Postpartum, age factor and too frequent sexual intercourse is the main factor that can loosen the female vagina.Alat to vaginal discharge But because of its elastic nature, the female vagina can be re-coupled with certain methods. A woman with loose vagina tends to have libido problems that are too low, this is because of less sense of vaginal penetration due to loose and less confidence due to less able to make your husband happy.

These conditions also make women more likely to experience incontinence (inability to control bowel movements or small) and the vagina to be smelly. In the past, surgical or surgical methods were judged to be quite effective and quick to tighten and tighten back the already loose vagina. However, this method must spend a lot of money, so not many women can do it.