CreoPop Pen: New 3D Printing Pen

After 3D printers glide in the broad market, now CreoPop hopes to follow its step with the new 3D Pen. You can know more about this 3D pen from the review on

CreoPop 3D Pen hopes to follow the famous trail of similar crowd funding projects before it. This pen is created attractively for using unusual ink, as well as child-friendly hardware. This device has a fundamental difference, from other extrusion needles. While other gadgets using traditional 3D printing filaments are heated to melt, CreoPop pens rely solely on ultraviolet light to regulate the special ink used. Inks are shaped like toothpaste pushed out of the pen and frozen by a trio of UV LEDs, becoming frozen in a few seconds.

So, like 3Doodler and some other 3D pens, with this pen, you can draw objects in the third dimension with complexity. There is no chance for children or pets to get burned because of the hot of the pen.